Welcome to Women’s League of B’nai Torah Congregation!  Step right into Women’s League’s world where every woman has a place, and every voice is heard. We strive to meet, greet, learn, and help others. Our goals and activities are as varied as our members.

We educate, read and discuss books and films, we learn crafts and create. Our members are young and old. Each is gifted and talented and is happy to share and teach. You really need to look at our calendar to see how busy we can be while having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Women’s League supports the Synagogue in all its endeavors including raising funds for our children’s education by providing Camp and School scholarships, providing “extras” to the Religious School, supporting programs in our Early Childhood Center, and helping to reach out to our college kids who are away from home.

Locally and internationally, we participate in Social Action programs. We interact with the seniors at Stratford Court and the young adults of JARC. Torah Fund raises money for scholarships for Rabbinic, Cantorial and educators in our five Seminaries around the world. We are always ready to step up and fulfill needs within our community.

Looking forward to meeting you. Please contact me at shulafly@hotmail.com.  I’m sure that you too will find your place in our organization.

It is my honor to serve you. Looking forward to a productive, satisfying and exciting year.


Shula Fleischer