Welcome to Women’s League of B’nai Torah Congregation!


Shalom All! I am Cynthia Chiefa-Goldstein and it is my honor to serve as Membership Vice-President for Women’s League of B’nai Torah Congregation. (WLBTC)

B’nai Torah Congregation is a vibrant inclusive Shul and its Women’s League will afford you the opportunity to engage in meaningful, fun activities; educational pursuits, in person and ZOOM meetings and events all while fostering friendships, community and comradery. We learn, schmooze, bake, sing, laugh (and cry), kvetch, shep nachos, shop and of course work to make our world a better place. We would love for you to join us and add your uniqueness to our group.

As a member of WLBTC, you are also a member of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the largest international organization for Conservative Jewish Women and therefore have access to a wealth of additional programming, education, and amusement. Feel free to log into both websites to enrich your experiences as Conservative women.

Please scroll down for our Membership Application and payment information, and please contact me with any questions you may have.

On behalf of WLBTC we look forward to meeting you,

Cynthia I. Chiefa-Goldstein

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